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Leading Air Conditioning Trends To Watch

Air conditioners are a long-term investment. But if yours has been around for more than five years, it’s either you replace it or keep repairing it. Air conditioning technology has changed over the years. Today, AC’s are more energy efficient and provide much comfort. So why miss out?  New units have something for everyone. Here are some trends from Southern Aircon & Refrigeration in Canberra ACT you can benefit from.

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ten years ago, split systems ruled the market. Ducted air conditioners, at that time, were deemed commercial, but nowadays they are becoming popular in domestic settings. Walk into any office building or showroom, and you would see one right above you. Leading AC manufacturers are constantly developing cutting-edge systems for homeowners. Now homeowners can enjoy the benefits of ducted, commercial ACs without the high energy bills.

Temperature Zones

The second trend on our list is temperature zoning. By combining the past with the future, AC manufacturers were able to come up with this cool function. So, what is temperature zoning? Simply put, it’s the ability to control temperature universally. Instead of having an air conditioner in every room, you have one which cools your entire house. The best part is you ‘zone’ individually, or control each room. With this system, you can have one temperate room, one cold and one without air conditioning. The main benefits of this are efficiency and comfort. Besides, no energy goes to waste, and you are in control of your home’s temperature.

Smart temperature control

Smartphones are trending – and we’re not talking about the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy release. These gadgets are everywhere, even in the world of air conditioning. Besides wall-mounted control panels and handheld remote controls, you can operate your A/C using your phone. As long as your smartphone connects to home appliances, air conditioners included, you don’t have to pause the movie or leave your seat. You can turn your AC on and off, whether you are in the bedroom or kitchen. This effectiveness and ease of use can save money and electricity. And isn’t it fun to do things remotely? With the right app/program, you can control the temperature of each room in your residence.

Energy efficient systems

So far, you know one cool A/C system: ducted air conditioners. But that’s not all because the mighty split system has a bag of surprises. Split systems are evolving every year. Currently, they are offering better performance and efficiency. As air conditioning trends progress, the configuration and functions of split systems become more diverse. Nowadays, experts can customise your A/C to suit your needs. The results are truly incredible!

Out of the norm

When you think of A/C ducts, what comes to your mind? Probably ceilings or walls – because that is where most ducts are positioned. Bet you have no idea about floor mounted ducts. As manufacturers get more creative and appliances more innovative, so do installation solutions. Floor mounted ducts are a unique and fantastic way to disband your ducted air conditioner. This approach is suitable for homeowners who don’t have enough ceiling space to support large ducts.

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