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Why Your Air Conditioning Needs Servicing
4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

Your air conditioning unit should be serviced every year. Yes, it costs money, and yes it takes time, but in the long run not having your unit serviced on a regular (yearly) basis will cost you a lot more money, time and cause some truly severe stress headaches. Here are a few reasons why you need to service your air conditioning on a regular basis.

  • Examination of ducts – It is very important that the ducts are examined on a regular basis to ensure there is no blockage, obstructions or leakage. Blockages or obstructions will cause your air conditioning unit to work under pressure and something as simple as this, if not serviced, can over time cause the breakdown of your air conditioning. If the ducts are leaking, then this is a big problem and will generate very large and costly bills if it is not sorted out promptly. A service will ensure any duct problems are dealt with as they start to appear and will stop any issues before they become too costly.
  • Examination and replacing filters – Something as simple as a blocked filter will stop your unit from working properly, and the lack of airflow will most definitely limit the unit’s cooling ability. Changing filters is a straightforward and vital process of servicing an air conditioning unit. If this simple process is not done on a regular basis, it will lead to costly repairs that would not be necessary if the unit was or is serviced on a regular basis.

Examination and replacing filtersExamination and cleaning of condenser coil – The condenser coil can get damaged in many ways. It might be rusty or may have debris attached to it or debris has damaged it, the trouble is; is that a damaged condenser coil, does, and will compromise the whole unit or system. A regular service means that a simple clean can solve any current problems and stop any further problems developing.

  • Examination of thermostat – This is a very vital part of any air conditioning system or unit and one which can cause you untold stress and bother if not serviced regularly, which ultimately will result in a breakdown of a unit. Service by an air conditioning electrician will ensure that they will pick up on any battery problems (a common problem), or any other current faults and stop the fault worsening and ultimately costing many hundreds to repair at some future date.

So there you have it, four reasons why you should have your air conditioning unit serviced on a regular basis. The cost of having an air conditioning unit serviced may be a cost you do not want, but it is a cost which will certainly save you money in the long run. When you consider that a simple filter change can avoid the destruction of a whole system – it isn’t difficult to understand why a service of the system is vital and cost-effective. It is also, not difficult to understand that a blocked filter will cause the system to struggle, therefore causing energy efficiency problems which will cost you more in energy bills – having your air conditioning serviced on a regular basis does make sense. Just make sure you hire professionals who have a solid reputation – for example RCD Electrical and Air Conditioning have great reviews and make it easy for their customers to book online.